Restaurant Abordo

On May 1st, 1995, on the island of Tenerife, Los Cristianos, José Luis Magdalena Medina decided to take command of his Restaurant Abordo and become the Captain of this boat (read: restaurant), capable of overcoming the onslaught of waves and any storm. The good functioning of its machinery depends on Samira Hassan who figures as the Chief of Machines, assuming this great responsibility accompanied by a committed crew, who feeds the engine of the ship with hard work and a lot of effort.

We invite you on board this ship, the Restaurant Abordo. Join us on this journey full of exciting culinary surprises and flavors of the sea, where the freshest fish and seafood selected by its own Captain, rices and a wide selection of appetizers, cooked in a very particular way; Will make your palate travel through the flavors of the island of Tenerife, accompanied by its traditional live music and a pleasant outdoor terrace

When the tourists and inhabitants of Tenerife come to Abordo, they feel comfortable at home and with the intention of returning, being treated with affection by the whole crew.

Restaurant Abordo, Los cristianos Tenerife, Jose y Samira
José & Samira

Excellent service

You will feel like at home

Fresh Fish and rice dishes

So that your palate enjoys to the maximum of our unique dishes

Terrace and live music

Come and enjoy our terrace with traditional live music.


Come aboard our ship of flavors and enjoy the experience.

+34 822 66 79 71

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